Trust & Safety

Protect employees and boost customer confidence

Foster trust by providing safety

Provide safety practices for employees and customers  

Frictionless, Accurate Access Control

Less hassle than keys, cards, fobs, and phones. Face-based access control delivers security and peace of mind. Monitor entrances: grant and revoke access to anyone, anytime, from anywhere without having to worry about cards, FOBs, or PIN.

Additionally, integrate face recognition (detection, verification, spoof free identification) with video security, access controls, and HR systems, enabling a comprehensive and integrated identity management across your business.

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COVID-19 Solutions

The virus still lurks and the ability to contain its spread will dictate what happens next in your business; any resurgence will likely bring about renewed restrictions. Our solutions are geared to provide peace of mind to run smooth operations and boost confidence. 

Technicians at Work

PPE Detection

Wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) such as hard hats, vests, eyewear, and face masks are a critical safety measure for industrial companies. Video monitoring with RealValue AI can replace manual enforcement, help reduce injury, promote confidence, and increase productivity.

Reliable Workspace Cleaning Planning

In commercial real estate, hygiene is of paramount importance - pandemic or not. We capture true occupancy in a variety of space types -identify highly used spaces for more intense cleaning. Gain the insight you need to prepare a shared space (co-working) as soon as a team member vacates and before a new person enters.  

Cleaning Table

Can AI create trust

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