Make smart business decisions 


Our focus is to help you make smart decisions about your physical business.


Drawing on our years of global experiences in multiple sectors including but not limited to technology, telecom, retail, fashion, finance, and social-profit we have created a true decisions platform with the right calibration of humans and technology. 

Harness AI to positively impact your business. Today.

Key focus areas


Flow & Experience

Presence & Engagement

Trust & Safety

Camera + Computer Vision + Analytics = Profits

Increase sales, reduce costs and make every location your best one with affective-computing powered customer-experience insights. 

Don't talk about Customer Experience, quantify it for your business 

Computer Vision powered analytics to power your business.

Stop just speaking about customer experience. Start monitoring merchandising compliance, spotting hot zones, understanding mood trends, measuring event impact, quantifying demographic trends, promoting in-space engagement, and use analytics for your marketing and operations teams. 

Real-time, remote visual access with powerful analytics and on-demand and actionable reports.



Speak about the ROI of existing cameras?

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