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Make smart business decisions 


Our focus is to help you make smart decisions about your physical business.


Drawing on our years of global experiences in multiple sectors including but not limited to technology, telecom, retail, fashion, finance, and social-profit we have created a true decisions platform with the right calibration of humans and technology. 

Bring digital to your physical business. Today.

Key focus areas







Camera + Computer Vision + Analytics = Profits

Change the way you work

your data and customers

Test everything. Influence behavior. Drive engagement.

Malls & Shopping Centers

Retail & Brands


Food Courts


Public Spaces

Success stories





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Technology doesn't make businesses thrive, customers do. 

How can AI and emergent technologies help retail businesses not just survive, but thrive? How can the power of digital technologies and data be applied to physical businesses? How long does it take to see real ROI? What are the quickest ways to make decisions with so much data?  

More on retail & computer vision

Winning brands and retailers are actively building upon their performance marketing heritage, investing strongly in real estate and technology to deliver a seamless, integrated customer experience. 

Reinventing The Physical Space

Biometric-Driven Marketing and Advertising

Irrelevant ads and marketing tune out your valuable prospects and antagonize your loyal customers. Discover how best to use biometrics to create and nurture hi-conversion campaigns while staying brand compliant.

Speak about the ROI of existing cameras?