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AI-powered visual intelligence platform for making sense of impressions and conversions in retail

Most retailer measure sales and yet sales has moved online.

By leveraging powerful AI algorithms, RealValue measures impressions, interactions, visitor journeys for physical retail stores and in turn boost loyalty and promote sales.

Physical stores are a media channel for brands



How are you measuring impressions ?

Measure Impressions

Understand how marketing campaigns, promotions, and merchandising guide the shopper journey in-store.

Experiential Delight

Engage visitors with digital in physical spaces to serve uniquely through computer vision powered solutions.

Optimize Performance

Scale best practices based on your “hot” and “cold” zones with powerful heatmap and path maps.

Opportunity Areas

Understand every shopper, engage them uniquely, run experiments with merchandise

while respecting  privacy

Latest on computer vision & retail innovation

Visual Merchandising can enable brands to run A/B testing in-store and create hyper-personalized experiences that resonate with shopper emotions.

Visual Merchandising & AI

Biometric-Driven Marketing and Advertising

Discover how best to use biometrics to create and nurture hi-conversion campaigns while staying brand compliant.

Decision Ready Analytics 

For executives overwhelmed with data, we provide decision-ready analytics for improving performance  

Window display effectiveness

Real time store occupancy

Targeted personalized offers

Attention / Dwell time

Realtime merchandising


Realtime store

mood index

Facemask Detector

Path Analysis & 

Hot zones


Curbside Wait- 

Time Management



Check out

/ Queue timer


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retail AI solutions?

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