5 Actionable Content Marketing Insights

Inspired by Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2019 Report

If you are using the Internet, then you better be keeping track of Mary Meeker’s legendary “Internet Trends, 2019” (total of 333 slides) presentation to understand its impact on your business. Meeker, also known as Queen of the Net, has been releasing an annual report which we voraciously read for the last 10 years or so. Her research is both qualitative and quantitative and filled with relevant data-driven insights. We do a teardown of this year’s report to find that its a treasure-house of actionable content marketing tips. We summarize the top five and share them with you.


Talk, text, watch, click, touch, share, has become the new normal for this generation. And they also want it for free, most of the time. Slide#30-#35, plus slides #99 of the same deck explains the importance of releasing your branded content to the wild — unless you have super specific high-value premium content (say a fashion week footage), its good to distribute all your visual content (say weekend trunk shows) for free and not try to put a gate between your content and your target audience.

Read the full report here

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