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AI-powered visual intelligence for

operations and marketing teams

Turn Video into Meaningful Insights

Visual Intelligence Engines

Our platform is built on the top of a core set of advanced computer vision algorithms that lift data points from video streams and extract insights of human value. These models allow our customers to process a diverse set of videos across multiple scenarios and domains, supporting a network of cameras and performing analysis at scale. 

Identify Gender, Age, Mood, Ethnicity for humans in your images and videos

learn about humans by understanding our facial expressions.

Do you want to know how many people are in attendance? Lets look at their heads.

Privacy by design models anonymizes the human head or full body in every frame.

Do you want to know where are people looking at? Analyze their head orientation in 3D

Directional flow, occupancy and average dwell time can be addressed by movement detection

Face Verification + Identification for access control and touchless interactivity

3 Steps Transformation


Using existing or easy to install cameras, our platform captures video and images. The camera can do local processing or sends over the feed to a local edge server to be analyzed.


Our algorithms are not only smart, but they can also process video feeds on local, on-premise edge servers or be hosted on the cloud. Only analytic specific data and clips are sent to the cloud when edge servers are present.


Analytics dashboard that provides a thorough and realtime view of the visitors in the brick and mortar space like no on else.

Get the insights you need to improve visitor experience and employee confidence

Optimize every corner of your physical business.

Without spending money on additional sensors.

Malls & Shopping Centers
Find the high yield traffic flows and plan accordingly. 
Modern Office Buildings
Understand end to end visitor journey and track assets. 
Public Spaces
Make sense of your city and flows. 
Retail & Brands
Bring digital to physical to drive engagement and increase conversions.
Events & Hospitality
Gain insights into crowd behavior, traffic trends, demographics instantly.
Monitor next-normal compliance 

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Cloud-based APIs

Access the latest version of our algorithms by directly calling our APIs and build applications that solve your business problems.

Edge Box

All in a box

State of the art computer vision-based solution - software and hardware - ready for CCTV deployments at scale 


Best of both

Find the perfect balance between cloud storage for specific metrics and high-speed local compute in docker containers.


GDPR Friendly

All human data is processed anonymously on local, in-store servers.

No images, videos, or other visual information about visitors is stored (with consent where applicable). Plus all the data is kept safe and secure through military-grade encryption.



Why choose us?

Technology doesn't make businesses thrive, strategic choices do. 

RealValue Visual Intelligence is the only “real” edge intelligence solution in the market today focused on visual sensors. Processing your growing volume of video sensor data at the edge radically reduces data transport and storage costs.

Also with storing data+insights in the highly secure geo-specific cloud we reduce spend on networking and security.


We are preconfigured with certain use-case specific machine learning models, notification capabilities, and visualization dashboards.

Works With Most Cameras and NVRs

  • Uses existing cameras

  • No expensive additional hardware

  • No additional sensors

  • Integrates with all IP enabled NVRs with PoE+ connectivity

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