Path to Purchase Analysis

Take the right decisions based on real data. Did people move around the store as planned? What are the optimal paths to purchase? Did interactions actually lead to purchase?


Visualize directions your shoppers go after entering your store - left, center, or right. Understand how marketing campaigns, promotions, and merchandising guide the shopper journey in-store.

Turn on the heat

Gain invaluable insights into customers' shopping journey.

Merchandising Compliance

and Performance

Optimize window and displays effectiveness to increase in-store traffic and purchase. Ensure product placement and displays that drive exposure and engagement. Validate store layout and campaigns. 

Automate visual merchandising compliance by reducing unproductive travel (up to 50%). Use high-resolution snapshots for a detailed view of product and asset placement. 

A/B Test Merchandising Displays

Is this the optimal shoe arrangement for best engagement and conversions? Uncover the best ways to display your products and drive sales.


Physical stores are critical for shoppers as they interact with the brand and the products for real. Merchandisers can now remotely compare the dwell-time results of different arrangements and scale best practices based on your “hot” and “cold” zones with powerful heatmap and path maps.

Latest on computer vision & retail innovation

Visual Merchandising can enable brands to run A/B testing in-store and create hyper-personalized experiences that resonate with shopper emotions.

Visual Merchandising & AI

Biometric-Driven Marketing and Advertising

Discover how best to use biometrics to create and nurture hi-conversion campaigns while staying brand compliant.

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merchandising solutions?

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