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Actionable insights for your

operations and marketing teams 

Know your visitors and customers like never before

Do you really know who is coming to your business and who is actually buying?

Would you like to know what your audience is when they are visiting your event?

Reduce Queue Time

Find out and optimize queues in front of fitting rooms or checkout counters - use cameras to estimate queue wait times and display for customer convenience

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Benchmark Performance

Compare and benchmark physical premises in real-time. 


Integrate traffic data, dwell time, and happiness index with POS feeds to measure key performance metrics across all physical locations.

Easily spot norms, trends, and outliers on occupancy, attention, mood, checkout queues, and conversion.


Find out occupancy, density, dwell time, and other metrics to better understand your visitors and customers and their preferences.

Path to Purchase Analysis

Take the right decisions based on real data. Did people move around the store as planned? What are the optimal paths to purchase? Did interactions actually lead to purchase?


Visualize directions your shoppers go after entering your store - left, center, or right. Understand how marketing campaigns, promotions, and merchandising guide the shopper journey in-store.

Merchandising Compliance

and Performance

Optimize windows and displays effectiveness to increase in-store traffic and purchase. Ensure product placement and display compliance that drive exposure and engagement. Validate store layout and campaigns. 

Automate visual merchandising compliance by reducing unproductive travel (up to 50%). AI that saves and makes money

Plan ahead

Prediction on customer distribution can help shop managers to plan ahead and set the optimal staff-to-customer ratio. Our platform records and analyses the data gathered from video feeds and create a proposed staff schedule for the upcoming periods with a click of a button.

Product, Place, Price, Promotion, People

Analyze the impact of changing premium pricing for new products, discounts for slow-moving products, and standard price on store sales and profits.


Measure customer engagement and sales for different products in the same category and similar placements.

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Technology doesn't make businesses thrive, customers do. 

How can AI and emergent technologies help modern businesses not just survive, but thrive? How can the power of digital technologies and data be applied to physical businesses? How long does it take to see real ROI? What are the quickest ways to make decisions with so much data?  

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Biometric access control delivers security and peace of mind. Monitor entrances: grant and revoke access to anyone, anytime, from anywhere without having to worry about cards, FOBs or PIN numbers.

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