Was your last event a success? Analyze more than just attendance. Gain insights into crowd behavior, traffic trends, demographics and more using simple-to-understand metrics. 

AI-powered visual intelligence platform for Events

Understand the pulse of your attendees and visitors. Which speech did they enjoy the most or which exhibitors drew the most visitors or just help them make the most of any event by enabling them to discover popular booths and services that might interest them. 

Dynamic product placement

Deliver the best experience for your visitors as well as your partners by delivering the right fit for everyone. 

Understand the traffic demographics, 

patterns, and behavior

Engage your audience with targeted content via digital displays

Reduce workload on employees through interactive digital displays

Let attendees know which kiosks and restrooms have the smallest lines

Send alerts to authorities on detecting anomalies 

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Technology doesn't make businesses thrive, customers do. 

How can AI and emergent technologies help retail businesses not just survive, but thrive? How can the power of digital technologies and data be applied to physical businesses? How long does it take to see real ROI? What are the quickest ways to make decisions with so much data?  

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