Presence & Engagement


Gain edge over pure play digital players

by bringing digital to physical

Interact with your customers like never before

Physical environment doesn't need to mundane and dull. Use technology and human ingenuity to create memorable in-the-moment engagement.

Key offerings



Real time 





Interact with emotions 

& gesture

As customers, we shop more when we enjoy and stay engaged. Understand your customers' emotion and how it affects engagement and sales by temporal analysis of store mood using our algorithms.


Marry that with POS data to better understand sales patterns for each and every store, zones inside your stores and more.

Mood Index

Make a scene

Customer engagement playbook for physical spaces

Turn campaign concepts into a story.

Turn the story into a monetizable asset.

Inspire your shoppers to take action by layering AI-powered interactivity to

your existing content.

Dynamic product placement

Interactive digital signage and OOH advertising that displays interactive content (products, message) based on the age, gender, mood of people in front. Use external data like traffic, news, and the weather to show appropriate products.


The customer responds to the content and interacts with on-screen messaging driving engagement using gestures and facial expressions.



using emotion and gesture

Use affective computing to provoke discovery and promote engagement with interactive digital content. Our algorithms can detect a face, facial expressions, and gestures to prompt action on kiosk screens. 

Convert your traditional lookbooks and inspiration galleries into dynamic interactive units. Gather instant feedback for new designs and products from interactivity or initiate a transaction. 

Put your content to work

60% of your visual content is owned media- monetize it. Here are some examples of possible interactive content. Ready to monetize? 


Create a flywheel effect

Learn how one of our customers is attracting new shoppers and engaging them for increased conversion. 



5X times increase in product discovery and shopping


More than 30% improvement

in memorization of brand







More than 40% increase in time spent and social footprint

Join our sessions

Technology doesn't make businesses thrive, customers do. 

How can AI and emergent technologies help retail businesses not just survive, but thrive? How can the power of digital technologies and data be applied to physical businesses? How long does it take to see real ROI? What are the quickest ways to make decisions with so much data?  

More on computer vision & retail innovation

If you are using the Internet, then you better be keeping track of Mary Meeker’s legendary “Internet Trends, 2019” (total of 333 slides) presentation to understand its impact on your business....

5 Actionable Content Marketing Insights

Globally few billions of people visit malls and shopping centers every month. This reflects not just the integral place that malls hold in the retail landscape, but also the massive potential of data-driven insights waiting to be harnessed.

Reinventing Malls For The AI Age

Teach new tricks to your old cameras!

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