Know your visitors and customers like never before

Gain real-time insights to improve operations and

create in-the-moment engagement.


Did people move around your business premises as planned? What are the optimal paths to purchase? Are some corners of the transport hub busier than others? Do you know how many visitors will be there for the entire week? Can you plan your staff based on queue traffic patterns? 


Are your window displays working? How do you know that the new line of shoes is arranged most optimally across all the stores? How many people attended the pop-up art display in the event? Do you know the mood of your place now? Can your customers interact with your digital displays without touching?  

Flow & Experience


Actionable insights for your

operations and marketing teams 

Application Sectors

retail &


public spaces &


malls &

shopping centers

transport hubs

online commerce


Growing business outcomes every day.


GDPR Compliant

All human data is processed anonymously on local, in-store servers.

No images, videos, or other visual information about visitors is stored (with consent where applicable). Plus all the data is kept safe and secure through military-grade encryption.

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Technology doesn't make businesses thrive, customers do. 

How can AI and emergent technologies help physical businesses not just survive, but thrive in the post-COVID-19 world? How can the power of digital technologies and data be applied to physical businesses? How long does it take to see real ROI? 

Latest on computer vision & innovation

Visual Merchandising can enable brands to run A/B testing in-store and create hyper-personalized experiences that resonate with shopper emotions.

Visual Merchandising & AI

Reinventing the Physical Space

Winning brands and retailers are actively building upon their performance marketing heritage, investing strongly in real estate and technology to deliver a seamless, integrated customer experience. Blending the digital with the physical to get the results that matter.

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flow & experience solutions?

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