Powerful tools. Unparalleled insights.

Tailor-made for you. 

Our computer vision algorithms can identify GAM attributes (Gender/Age/Mood) and other characteristics (face, hair color, outfit description, attention, new vs. repeat, path-taken, etc.) of your visitors and customers with high accuracy from existing camera feeds, images, and videos. 

Grow your business with our AI-powered visual intelligence platform

Boost sales, reduce costs, monitor assets

Increase sales, reduce costs and make every location your best one with affective-computing powered customer-experience insights. 

Don't talk about Customer Experience, quantify it for your business 

Convert visitors to engaged shoppers

Stop just speaking about customer experience. Start monitoring merchandising compliance, spotting hot zones, understanding mood trends, measuring event impact, quantifying demographic trends, promoting in-store engagement, using interactive and personalized digital displays. 

You can increase conversion in any store, anywhere in the world. Pair real-time, remote visual access with powerful analytics and on-demand and actionable reports.

Decision Ready Analytics 

For executives overwhelmed by on-premise data, we provide decision-ready analytics for improving performance  

Window display effectiveness

Real time store occupancy

Targeted personalized offers

Attention / Dwell time

Realtime merchandising


Realtime store

mood index

Facemask Detector

Path Analysis & 

Hot zones


First party demographics 



Check out

/ Queue timer

Key focus areas


Flow &





Trust & Safety


GDPR Compliant

All human data is processed anonymously on local, in-store servers.

No images, videos, or other visual information about visitors is stored (with consent where applicable). Plus all the data is kept safe and secure through military-grade encryption.

 Customers and Partners

Growing business outcomes every day.

RealValue opened up new possibilities for us to engage our shoppers and convert them to buyers. Our videos have now become our extended sales team.

Jamie Hultgreen, Creative Director, Enze

Customer engagement is a continuous journey 

Winning brands provide outstanding stickiness by 

creating personalized experiences using data, interactive content, and products.


Stay up to the latest.

Find out more on cutting edge research on customer experience best practices. 


Get on track.

Schedule a short session to understand how AI can positively impact your on-premise business.

RealValue is supported by the Miro Program, UPVD In Cube and the Euroregion Pyrenees-Mediterranee 

Wonder what insights your cameras will uncover?

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